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Insulation panel

Thickness 42, 75, 100, 125 mm.
Width 900mm., 1,200mm.
Core Rigid Polyurethane Foam

1. Easy Installation Our Standard modular insulation panels and compact refrigerating units are mass-produced under rigrous quality control standards and can be installed quickly and easily.

2. More Usable Capacity FLAT panels cut wall thickness by one-half, yet equals performance of conventional cold storage rooms of concrete construction, This maximizes utilization of storage space.
(Comparison of wall thickness in Japan)

(Comparison of wall thickness in Japan)

Cooling temperature Concrete construction Panel assembly process
0°C – 5°C 100 mm 42 mm – 75 mm
(-25°C) – (-35°C) 200 mm 100 mm – 125 mm

3. Simple Assembly Cold-storage rooms can be assembled in any size and any shape using these standard modular panels. The prefabricated construction allows them to be moved, expanded, or stored away for later re-assembly.

4. Safety Door Release The safeguard latch ensures that personnel inside a cold storage room can open a door, even if it is jammed from the outside, by simply pushing the safety-release handle.

5. Esthetic, Durable Colored-Steel Paneling Zinced steel is employed for the surface material of the paneling and this goes through a double-baking double paint-coating process to yield not only an esthetic finish but also superior resistance to both corrosion and erosion and to vibration.

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