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Insulation panel

Thickness 42 mm.
Width 900mm., 1,200mm.
Core Rigid Polyurethane Foam

Non-Combustible Panel

Thickness 42 mm.
Width 900mm
Core Aluminium Honeycomb

Non-Combustible Panel

Thickness 42 mm.
Width 900mm
Core Ceramic Honeycomb Paper

Insulation performance of panels (Kcal/m2-h-°C)

K value for warehouse law is determined by overall coefficient of heat transfer (Kcal/m2-h-°C)
[Coefficient of heat conductivity or insulation (Kcal/m2-h-°C)/thickness of insulation (mm)]

Core thickness
K value
Temperature Range
Thickness if replaced by Styrofoam
42 mm 0.42 +10°C – (-5°C) 75 mm
75 mm 0.24 (-5°C) – (-25°C) 125 mm
100 mm 0.18 (-25°C) – (-35°C) 178 mm
125 mm 0.14 (-35°C) – (-45°C) 213 mm

- Temperature range is the reference value. Calculation of economical panel thickness depends on size and intended use.
- Coefficient of treat conductivity (Kcal/m2-h-°C) :Rigid polyurethane foam = 0.018 Styrofoam = 0.03

Example: Structure of wall and ceiling of general Clean Room (Walking on ceiling is possible.*)

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