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- This type of panel is incombustible and has been granted a patent due to its epoch-making honeycamb structure.
- Ensures excellent performence, but the price is low.
- Lightweight, easily processed, and ensures easy construction.
- The sillicon-base sealer is be used for the panel joint sections to ensure excellent air-tightness.
- Since the honeycomb structure is adapted for the core, this type of panel is more lightweight compared with the insulation type incombustible panel.

Panel thickness 42 mm
Panel width 900 mm, standard
Maximum length of wall panel 4,000 mm
Maximum length of ceilling panel 2,000 mm
Panel weight (N/m2 (Kcal/m2)) 105.9 (10.8)
Main member of panel Surface sheet Colared steel sheet
Component Hard polyurethane foam (self-extinction foam)
Joint system Hard vinyl chloride frame engogement system
Band Sillicon sealant
Panel performance Insulation performance
(K value of general section)
(1.40 Kcal/m2-h-°C )
Sound insulation 20.5 dB
Function incorporation in panel Various funcetions can be
incorporated each panel of the panel manufacturing process

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